About me.

My name is Magdalena Acs. I am the creator behind the brand Meel, at the Gingerpalace, which is not only a virtual space for my creations but also my home.

Unleashing my creative force has always been a significant aspect of my life manifesting in different ways throughout the years.

I am relentlessly looking for new techniques while admiring the old handcraft, sometimes wishing I would be nearly as good as the old masters. But then my curiosity for discovering new territories drives me on to learn, to try something new and then to go on again.

On my homepage, you will be shown a few of my stops on this journey. All of them are love projects, carried out with much dedication. I am ready to pick up the pace any time again whenever life happens to it.

Thanking you for your visit, I wish you pleasant and inspiring browsing. Should you want to ask me anything, please do not hesitate to contact me through whichever platform you prefer.

You may also follow me through social media, so we can keep in touch.

Until then:

Viva la Vida





"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different."
Coco Chanel
Fashion Designer