Cookie management’s website uses cookies to operate the website, make it easier to use, track activity on the website and display relevant offers.

Please read the document carefully and use the services of the website only if you agree with all its points and accept them as binding on you (hereinafter: the User). Please note that this policy only applies to the handling of cookies on this website.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small packet of data that is stored in a browser by Internet services. It is an essential technology for an online service that provides an efficient and modern user experience and is supported by all browsers today.

How is a cookie created?

First, the client machine sends a request to the server. The server then creates a unique ID and stores it in its own database, and then sends the cookie created to it back to the client with all the information. The information cookie thus returned is stored on the client machine.


How is a cookie used?

When the client machine reconnects to the server, it already pairs the previously created and stored cookie. The server compares the contents of the received and stored cookies. This makes it easy to identify e.g. the registered registered user. Without it, for example, you would not be able to log in to a website.

What cookies and what does the website use?

The website uses cookies for the following purposes

  • development of our website,
  • facilitating your navigation on our website and using the features of the site, thus ensuring a smooth user experience,
  • Gather information about how you use our website – by assessing which parts of our website you visit or use the most, so we can learn how to provide you with an even better user experience when you visit our site again,
  • we can learn how to further ensure the user experience by visiting our site again,
  • Placing targeted ads on other websites
  • distinguish, identify,
  • to monitor the activities carried out on the website so that we can send you a message about relevant offers that are of particular interest to you or important to you.

Types of cookies

Basic cookies

These cookies ensure the proper functioning of the website, facilitate its use and collect information about its use without identifying our visitors.

These include, for example, storing calculator usage values, cookie handling acceptance status, logging in to login methods and data, website notification message status, and Google Analytics reduced functionality code.

Please note that without the use of these cookies we cannot guarantee you a comfortable use of our website.

Cookies for statistical purposes

In order to improve our website and to improve the experience for our users, we also use cookies, which allow us to collect information about how our visitors use our website. These cookies cannot identify you personally, they collect information such as which page our visitor viewed, which part of the website the user clicked, how many pages they visited, how long it took to view each session, what were the possible error messages.


Performance cookies

Cookies that provide such performance are also Google Analytics cookies. For more information on Google Analytics cookies, please click here:

Performance cookies are also Google Optimize cookies. Learn more about Google Optimize cookies here:

Targeting and advertising cookies

The purpose of these cookies is to make ads even more interesting to you or relevant to you on the websites. These cookies cannot identify you personally without your consent, they collect information such as which page our visitor viewed, which part of the website the user clicked on, how many pages they visited, all in order to find out the content of interest to you.

However, if you have agreed to this, we may use the information we collect to track your use of the Website in conjunction with your personal information in order to further tailor our marketing communications to your needs and to bring you as personalized offers as possible.

We use advertising cookies from the following providers on our website:

Google Adwords

Detailed information about the service is available at the following link:


Detailed information about the service is available at the following link:


Detailed information about the service is available at the following link:


Detailed information about the service is available at the following link:

How can you check and disable cookies?

All modern browsers allow you to change your cookie settings. Most browsers automatically accept cookies by default, but these settings can usually be changed so that the browser can prevent automatic acceptance and offer the option to enable cookies each time.

Please note that because the purpose of cookies is to facilitate or enable the use and processes of our website, to prevent or delete the use of cookies, you may not be able to use the full functionality of our website or the website may work differently in your browser.

You can find information about the cookie settings of the most popular browsers at the following links: