Meel’s Unique Costume Jewellery.

It starts with the material. I see or I experience something that captures my imagination and wants to be turned into a piece of wearable expression. I am always fascinated by textures, structures, colours, haptics even by smell. My favourites are natural materials like glass, wood, metal, leather, fabrics, silk, stones, shells, feathers … name it! 

Either I search for the material I need to create with or sometimes the material finds me. I am also a fan of handcrafted items or vintage and antique parts which can be used for or turned into a piece of jewellery. Every piece has a story, holds a memory or a message. Sometimes one can relate to it without knowing and sometimes the piece just calls you and wants to be yours….

…one of a kind… what does it mean? It means that no else has the same, but you. Every piece of my jewellery is original. No duplicates.

However, in case, you fell in love with a piece which has already found a home, just let me know. I will do my best to create a similar piece of jewellery for you as long as I still have the necessary material.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Would you like to order your personalized piece of jewellery? Please let me know and write me a message here:

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