The Firebird

The Firebird.

I have always been wondering what story the old pieces around us could tell if they could speak…

This lovely old stool from the beginning of the 20th century, which I found on a flea market in France, could tell -as I imagine-  the legend of the Firebird, an old Russian tale full of magic and passion, love and hate, joy and heroism.  It is also the title of Igor Stravinsky’s Ballet which was premiered in 1910 in Paris with great success. I love the ballet, the tale and it is truly an inspiration for me…

I draw my bird, punched it, so that it can be stitched digitally and created  the pattern to print and printed it directly on smooth cotton silk myself in a specialized print shop, fixed the ink at high temperature so you can use that piece for whatever purpose you like, even for garments…

I loved the process from the beginning to the very end, even the challenges!

Stool: height: 46 cm, diameter upholstery: 38 cm cherry wood frame, wool velvet upholstery, bird feathers

Fabrics: 100% cotton (satin finish) 194cm x 137cm

Images from this project

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