Amazonite Flowing River Necklace

Amazonite necklace with freeform beads.

length: 52 cm with extension

beads: 20×15 mm to 17×10 mm

pendant: 5 cm




This necklace is currently available in my ETSY shop:


An amazonite necklace just to start the year with!*** A semi-precious stone which can be found in ancient Egyptian jewellery has not lost its magic ever since! I love this bluish-green tint, that is different on each stone. Perhaps also because of its colour, it has been associated with water, the ever-flowing, nourishing river, the foundation of all life and hence femininity.❤️*** A lucky stone, believed to help rebirth, to help the spring floods that will fertilize the earth. 🌱….. Whatever the obstacles are, let us accept their truth and move on, let us be unstoppable like a river.


Amazonite Flowing River Necklace

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