Varia dresser redesign.

There was a dresser as a piece of the “legendary” VARIA furniture family from the sixties. The once modern resin coating on the door makes this type of furniture instantly identifiable and at the same time old-fashioned. Yet its basic material is quite robust and its simple, angular shape would make it just right to fit into a modern living environment. It is an exciting task to renovate, recycle, reinterpret, etc. A piece of furniture that is destined for disposal. Essentially reviving …


Reanimation process:

1. I unscrewed the handles from it and removed the doors, sawed off the legs.

2. I thoroughly sanded all parts,the resin coated doors were especially challenging.

3. Since it was to transform into a media cabinet, I cut an opening on the backside for wires and cables in the right place with a jigsaw.

4. After undercoating, I painted the outside with black tricolor aqua enamel paint. The interiors were given red paint.

5. I screwed rollers in place of the legs

6. I reassembled two of the three doors

7. I used beads to make the handles

This is how the basic renovation was done. Then I decorated the furniture with various small elements, objects, glass mosaic pieces and polymer clay figures I made for this purpose.

We can write and draw on black surfaces with chalk.

Images from the project

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